The Weighted Blanket Redefined

March 28, 2019

At Holden & Hay, we’ve redefined the weighted blanket. The science behind weighted blankets is clear: studies show that a blanket with 8-12% of your body weight creates a swaddling effect that helps regulate moods and promote better sleep. We wanted to take these benefits and create something that had a bit more shine to it than the bland gray blanket we kept trying. We decided to combine science, sustainability, and style to create a weighted blanket that provides amazing physical benefits, is made from high quality, eco-friendly material, and brightens up your room, all at once.

So what are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets provide a hug effect that helps to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. They’re also particularly useful for those with ADD, autism, PTSD, or insomnia. Whether you are looking to manage a mental or physical health issue or simply working on cutting back the stress in your life, weighted blankets are an effective tool to improve the quality of your life. The deep pressure stimulation of the blanket, much like that of a deep tissue massage, increases serotonin and melatonin so your mood is better regulated, you can sleep more deeply, and anxiety can be better managed. While this isn’t necessarily a substitute for your partner spooning you, it’s a remarkable way to introduce calm-inducing systems into your regular routine.

What are H&H weighted blankets made from?

Weighted blankets from Holden & Hay have been carefully crafted from a Merino wool blend.  Wool is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, sustainable, flame retardant, and anti-static. Merino wool is also widely accepted as the best sleep material. The University of Sydney conducted a study showing that sleep material made with wool increases total sleep time and helps people fall asleep faster. One reason is because wool is an active fibre which adjusts to changing body temperatures so you are less likely to get cold or overheat. Our Merino wool is blended with polyester so we can bring the blankets to life with contemporary prints that proudly compliment your well-curated nest.

The weight is created from recycled denim. Helping to reduce the ocean of plastic, each Holden & Hay blanket is hand-filled with 8, 15 or 20 pounds of quiet, soft, and washable denim and cotton blends that don’t toss with your every turn. That’s right - those old acid wash and mom jeans have been shredded and converted into a sustainable fill. Not only does this mean our blankets offer a more natural hug, but it helps the earth as well, and saves tons of textile waste from landfills.

Give it a try.

Ultimately, the best way to see how a weighted blanket will help you is to try it! Our customers tell us that when sleeping with this blanket, they are able to snooze through the night and can’t imagine their life without it anymore. Have a look at our weighted blankets here and bring back the good night’s sleep you’ve been missing.