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H&H Weighted Blanket

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Studies have shown the positive impact provided by weighted blankets for those with ADD, Autism, PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety. The Deep Touch Stimulation provided by a blanket 8-12% of your body weight produces a swaddling effect that helps regulate moods and promotes sleep by increasing serotonin and melatonin.

We created a sustainable and stylish solution to help you de-stress and get more sleep. Made with: 

  • 40%  premium Italian Merino wool, 60% polyester 
  • 100% polyester shearling fleece back 
  • Hand-filled with shredded RECYCLED DENIM and cotton/synthetic blend 
  • Cork Label 
  • Available 15 and 20 lb (54" x 72") and 8 lb (43" x 56")
  • Designed to lie on top of mattress 
  • Made in USA

SHIPPING: Blankets are made to order in 1-2 weeks. Check weight and print for availability.


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